Wu Ling oolong - Tea from Taiwan

Wu Ling wulong tea or Wu Ling oolong tea is another gao shan tea from Taiwan, from a great online tea shop Tea from Taiwan. It grows on mount Li at the altitude of 1800 meters.

Name: Wu Ling Tea
Tea shop: Tea from Taiwan (Taiwan)
Type: Taiwanese oolong tea

It turned out that my great wish for drinking a lot of gao shan teas came true. There are few dozens lying in the cupboard and few dozes already got reviewed. I always find it difficult to choose the next one because I want to open all of them, to enjoy perfect aromas and beautiful leaves. Well, I guess that wouldn’t be a good idea, so I picked out one that I knew will be a great pleasure to drink. This tea is named after the farm that produces it – Wu Ling. It’s Li Shan tea from winter harvest.

Wu Ling oolong tea - Tea from Taiwan

Wu Ling oolong tea – description

All those colorful tea bags full of different leaves look really attractive. But the best thing about tasting tea is the moment when I open the bag. Excitement and anticipation always overwhelm me. It’s difficult to describe the moment that arose from opening Wu Ling oolong tea bag. Incredibly sweet intensive scent filled my nostrils.Wu Ling oolong tea is from winter harvest high quality tea from Wu Ling farm. What they are proud of is the result of pesticide analasys that prove the level of pesticide to be 100 times below the level of tolerance. Wu Ling oolong tea (chinese: 梨山武陵頂級烏龍茶, pinyin: li2shan1 w3ling2 ding3ji2 wu1long2cha2) grows at the altitude of 1800 meters. Price is 29 USD fro 75 grams.


7 grams of tea leaves, 150ml gaiwan, water cooled down only a bit after boiling, first washing the leaves, then 30,40,45,50,60,80,120 seconds steepings. I wanted to get as much as I could from these tea leaves, I didn’t want to throw them away until completely used up. Although the first impression might not be so dramatic judging only by the leaf, the scent tells this tea is special. Yellowish green semi-balls of quite random sizes with few really big ones and few really small ones with a lot of stems.  What really impressed me, as I already said, is the scent of dry leaves. It’s really intense and sweet, more than your average gao shan. In a heated teapot it gets more intense, sweet ripe dried fruit like with a flowery note. After the second steeping, they get an incredible creamy and buttery note which turns into creamy and flowery after third steeping. Only after the fifth steeping they start to get that characteristic green scent which turns into green freshness after the sixth steeping. So many changes in such a small amount of tea is truly remarkable.

Wu Ling oolong tea - Tea from Taiwan

The taste is very smooth, rounded, full and creamy, both after first and second steeping. After the third steeping a floral note gushes out, but the fullness and roundness are retained. The color is intensely yellow, full but not blurry, it’s hard to believe that tea leaves can do this to water, make is so full and thick. Used up leaves look like a little mess, just as dry ones, but as my reviews are always based on personal experience and impressions, I have to admit that even they contribute to a special experience this tea has to offer.

Wu Ling oolong tea - Tea from Taiwan

Wu Ling oolong tea behaves very well when cooled down or with mixed steepings. Without even a hint of bitterness and pronounced sweetness after drinking. Maybe the aftertaste is not exaggerated, but it does last long, so long that even after an hour you will not forget you drank this tea.  This tea is perfect for everyone who wants a fuller aroma. Out of all qing xin teas, this one really stands out with an uncommon full and creamy taste and intense sweet and fruity scent.

 Wu Ling oolong tea - Tea from Taiwan


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