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This week on Tea Chronicles you will be able to read at least 15 new articles. I have been writing a lot lately, just as I promised. New platform makes it possible to publish articles more easily.

You may have noticed that I have been publishing articles regularly every day, in the morning and in the evening. Be sure to check site often, sometimes I might surprise you with more articles during the day.

I will continue to publish interesting letter from Ms. Felix Giron from China. In the letters, you can learn about new types of tea, production of tea, how tea farms and factories in China look like, learn about varieties and lots of other interesting things – directly from China.

This week I will write more tea and tea shop reviews. Be sure to read about another great gao shan tea from  one of my favorite Taiwanese tea shops Teamountains, Nannuoshan Mao Cha from Nannuoshan Germany, reviews of two Silver Needle tea that I missed to publish last week (because I didn’t have my camera), and two herbal teas – Chinese Ku Ding tea and edelweiss tea. Even though I do not write about herbal teas a lot, I think those articles will be interesting (and short). I’ll touch the topic of bitter teas as well.

I am currently translating the site into English, so the majority of articles will be available in English. Please, do forgive me on occasional grammar mistakes. There is a lot of work to do – more than 200 articles need to be translated. Tea Chronicles have been active for more than four years. I am preparing some site improvements as well.

If you have any suggestions or just want to get in touch, please send me an email. If you have a tea you want me to write about or an article in accordance consistent with the policy of the publication on the Tea chronicles, write to me as well. Soon it will be possible to publish of articles of other authors. As I announced, my greatest wish is to make Tea Chronicles a live online community for all tea lovers worldwide, not only in Croatia. I hope we can all share our hones and unbiased opinions and reviews, to make the world of tea a better place.

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