Teamountains specialized Taiwanese gao shan tea vendor or “high mountain” taiwanese oolong offers a wide selection of more than 30 high quality gao shan oolongs. Prices may be a bit higher than what we are accustomed to, but they are more than justified.  

Gao shan (gaoshan) or high mountain tea are getting more and more lovers every day. Gao shan oolong comes from Taiwan and is grown at the altitude higher than 1000 meters. Until now Tea Chronicles introduced few gao shan teas, so check out our archive or look up tag gao shan.

Teamountains specialized Taiwanese gao shan oolong tea vendor

Teamountains specialized Taiwanese gao shan tea vendor

Teamountains specialized Taiwanese gao shan oolong tea vendorTeamountains is the ultimate gao shan loose leaf tea shop online. They are getting more and more devotees due to their high quality gao shan tea selection. Tea leaves are hand-picked and without any additives or artificial flavors. They come in nice vacuum package with  plastic sealer. They offer 50, 75, 100, 150 and 300 grams bags. Selection includes around 30 different teas from seven mountain areas – Alishan, Sunlinksea, Dongyanshan, Qilaishan, Hehuanshan, Lishan and Dayuling (Lishan). Some of these teas are almost impossible to buy anywhere else or are really difficult to find. In addition to their great tea selection, they offer extensive information about Taiwanese oolongs. They are really professional and kind with great customer service. One of the best teas from their shop is certainly Qi Lai Shan oolong which won the award in 2015 (available in tea bags as well). Price range is wide as their assortment, which is more than justified. Shipping is free. I have to mention that they come in beautiful bags. Shipping time from Taiwan is usually about two weeks.

For all oolong tea, Taiwanese tea and high quality tea addicts and tea drinkers that enjoy greener taste in oolong and want to try best that one oolong could offer – full, clean, complex and specific taste.

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