Talkative Tea Party III

Talkative Tea Party is our special local event organized once per year. We had a great time this year, with lots of tea, tea cookies and great young writers.

Festival of Gardens

Every summer there is an interesting festival organized in my town, where the most beautiful and interesting gardens in the city center are opened for public. You can take a look around, participate in different events and just enjoy the beauty of old city gardens. This year the event was help on July 1st, in the early afternoon. Our tea garden was opened to everyone, and we got quite a few questions regarding real teas and their flavors.

In previous years we organized our event in a library, but we wanted to try something different now. Tea Chronicles were offered a garden in Town Hall, which usually serves for weddings. We prepared a nice tea cupboard with tea and cookies, put some tea pots and our tea photos on display and presented the most talented young fiction writers and one of the best Croatian prose editors. Our guests were Nikola Leskovar and Ružica Aščić (both winners of the most important award for young fiction writers – Prozac, and Kruno Lokotar).

Talkative Tea Party

Talkative Tea PartyTalkative Tea Party challenge

I have to admit, it is quite a challenge to prepare 50 cups of tea at the same time. With only one tea kettle, that is. But we managed it somehow. We served Earl Grey, Chinese Prozac, Yue Guang Bai, Tencha Hojicha and matcha pastries. What amazes us each and every time is how people are surprised to see new tea types and willing to give them a try. Even better, with so many young people interested in tea, there must be a bright future for tea leaves here in Croatia.

Being a fiction writer myself (and winning the same award few years earlier), I really wanted to make a change in the perception of modern literature. Being a passionate tea lover and tea writer I care a lot about share the passion for real teas. Talkative Tea Party was the best way to combine both and create something very unique. Previous years we had wonderful tea donators and sponsors. Unfortunately, this year we had little time to organize everything so I chose teas from my collection. Want to help us next year? Feel free to contact us. We appreciate any tea donations or financial help.

Talkative Tea Party

Looking forward to the next one.




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