Rosemary tea

Rosemary tea belongs to one of those teas that are always close at hand, but almost never in the cup. One of completely neglected tea is a real elixir for the soul and body.

Rosemary tea

Rarely used Dalmatian treasure

About every six months I make a big inventory of my teas. My collection contains almost three hundred different teas (filter bags not included), so I usually stumble upon some of the long forgotten teas. One of them is Rosemary tea. Unfortunately, the tea I found was bought at the foreign market (thanks to my grandma), but soon after I got the opportunity to write about real Dalmatian Rosemary tea (thank to Nataša). Rosemary tea is one of at least five great teas from Croatian coast that we have in abundance, but rarely use or produce for a mass market. I will soon write about others.

Rosemary tea

While the rosemary is almost the essential ingredient in every Croatian kitchen cupboard, it’s time it becomes the essential part of a tea cabinet as well. I cannot even describe how happy I was when I saw countless rows of rosemary bushes, full of young branches and leaves. I did take this opportunity to write about this tea on Tea Chronicles. I won’t go into the potential health benefits of Rosemary tea, there are a lot of other pages that offer those kinds of information, and my specialty are teas made of Camellia sinensis, but I will make a short introduction and a reminder of how great this tea is.

Rosemary tea

Rosemary tea – brewing

Both dried and fresh rosemary leaves can be used for brewing. What is really interesting is that a whole branch can easily be used for brewing, which is making whole process really simple and without a need for using a strainer. Rosemary tea is really simple to brew. If you are using dried leaves, they will usually be shredded into smaller bits. One tea spoon will be enough for 200 ml of boiling water. Three to five minutes would be optimal steeping time. Don’t over-steep it, it could become bitter.

I have to admit, the thought of Rosemary tea was not so attractive in the beginning. I had the impression it would be way too aromatic and strong, very much like its scent. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Even though the Rosemary tea deserved a reputation of a healthy drink (potential herbal help for fighting against depression, headache, digestive problems, especially dyspepsia, and both relaxation and increasing energy levels), I always tend to watch at the potential health benefits from a much deeper perspective. I do believe that in order to feel any benefits whatsoever, you first need to enjoy your beverage. Rosemary tea offers a beautiful feeling, it’s mild but aromatic, and feels just like drinking a warm cup of relaxation. If you are drinking it for relaxing purposes, try adding a bit of lavender (from Dalmatia, of course).

Rosemary tea

Next time when you will be adding rosemary to your food, put some into your tea cup as well. Pour in boiling water, let it steep for a few minutes, and enjoy. It’s perfect for drinking after evening meal.





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