Sweet Apple No. 11

Organic Fruit Tea Sweet Apple No. 11 from a German tea producer Just T, delights with scent but falls short on taste. Different special scent for a typical apple-cinnamon fruit combination.

Sweet Apple No. 11Name: No. 11 Organic Fruit Tea Sweet Apple

Tea Vendor: Just T (Germany)
Type: flavored fruit tea
Ingredients: Apple components*, cinnamon* 12%, apple* 10%, liquorice root*, roasted chicory roots*, acidifier: citric acid, natural apple flavour, rosehip shell
Verdict: 3/5
Price: 3.95 EUR
Packaging: 25 bags x 1,75 grams
Highlights: great intense scent of sour apple, individually wrapped tea bags, organic cultivation

Organic Fruit Tea Sweet Apple No. 11 – description

One more tea in a tea bag, a bit more expensive than your regular common supermarket teas.This tea has a wonderful intense scent upon opening. Individual wraps manage to preserve freshness and offer as much scent as they could. If you ever had a chance to try Turkish instant apple tea, you will know what I mean by “wonderful sour apple scent” One tea bag is sufficient for 300ml of boiling water, 5-8 minutes steeping. Tea liquor itself has a wonderful scent as well, however, the taste is quite different – light, incomplete, a bit of a disappointment for a tea with such a great scent. There is a trace of cinnamon, but it’s not as noticeable as in other apple-cinnamon combinations. Citric acid and flavors add up to the scent a lot. Big plus for the scent, big minus for the taste, the final verdict is average.

It’s also available in pyramid bags and loose leaf in a tin or resealable bag.






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