Japanese Tea - Nikko Graphic Arts

Japanese Tea – Nikko Graphic Arts, book about tea and tea culture in Shizuoka is a perfect coffee table (tea table) book for all Japanese tea lovers.

Japanese teaName: Japanese Tea : History, tradition, and today’s Japanese culture in Shizuoka
Publisher: Nikko graphis Arts
Year of Publishing: 2016
ISBN: 978-4-931193-01-7
Pages: 82

Last year at the Frankfurt Book Fair, I received this beautiful gift from super kind people at Nikko Graphic Arts booth. I have at least 50 different tea books in my home collection, so I decided it’s time to start reviewing them. Some are really informative, some are full of errors, some are full of beautiful photos, and some, like this one, are just amazing.

Japanese Tea - Nikko Graphic Arts

Artistic Dedication To Shizuoka Tea

Japanese Tea Nikko Graphic Arts is a sort of a dedication to Japanese teas from Shizuoka. It contains only around hundred pages, but extremely beautiful photographs on quality paper. Sections include tea history in Shizuoka, production, tea houses and modern cafes, tea utensils and stunning Japanese sweets for each season. It doesn’t offer much information, it’s very very concise, probably more than one might expect, but it’s so beautiful you will want to keep it right next to you all the time. It does, however, contain a detailed brewing guide for sencha and matcha teas. This book is simple, but it does round up the whole Shizuoka tea culture and contains unique beautiful photos. There are some interesting words and information in there too temomi-cha, ranji, the most famous tea houses in Shizuoka...

Japanese Tea - Nikko Graphic Arts

Interestingly, the main model for photos was Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007. Photos are made by Akiko Oshima. Price is 29 EUR, and there is a German and French edition available as well. Publisher is Nikko Graphic Arts from Japan. This book has a soul, beautiful paper and stunning photos. It’s one of those books that you will want to keep at a highly visible place, to enjoy from time to time. Actually, if you really like Japanese tea, you will want to flip through pages every single day. I know I do.






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