Kabusecha japanski zeleni čaj Yunomi

Five ways to start eating tea if you are tired of brewing. It certainly is praiseworthy that we are constantly being introduced to new recipes with tea. However, these few little tips on how to add tea to your diet that might still be unknown to you.

Five Ways to Start Eating Tea

Add matcha to yogurt

Matcha is one of the most usable teas in the world. It can be added to absolutely everything. A few years ago I tried to find a way to add flavor to a plain yogurt (which I really do not like) in order to avoid all those extra sugars in flavored versions. I decided to add cooking grade matcha to my breakfast yogurt and oats mix. Half of a teaspoon is enough to add a lot of flavor and a lot of color to your extra healthy breakfast.

Crush pu’er or oolong tea leaves in a mortar and sprinkle them on desserts

Pu’er or good quality stronger oolong are a great choice to be sprinkled on desserts (choose ones with sticky top layer). My favorite choice are caramelized walnuts sprinkled with crushed shu pu’er. It is extremely important that you use organic tea leaves from well-known sources. Please, do not buy 50 grams of tea on eBay for a buck. Be sure to check if the dry tea leaves already have enough of aroma.

Add used green tea leaves to salads

Kabusecha japanski zeleni čaj YunomiSome Japanese green tea leaves can be eaten. If you bought an expensive organic tea and you feel reluctant to throw them into trash after few steeping when they are all used up, you can still use them for eating. I believe that only a few of us are used to eating tea leaves. Try it and I guarantee you will be addicted. Next time you brew kabusecha, give it a try.

Strong tea can be added to creams or puddings

A year ago I made an experiment with ordinary vanilla pudding and Earl Grey tea. Needless to say that it turned out great. It is very important to brew stronger tea than your usual cup. (but watch out for the bitterness) to gain as much flavor as you can. It is best to first brew tea (with more leaves and less water) and later cook the same leaves in milk (if using milk).

Add green tea to rice

Green tea with rice is a very popular combination used in Japanese dish named Ochazuke. Ochazuke is a fairly simple dish. It is green tea poured over rice and different toppings. Very nice looking, especially served in a separate bowl with accompanying teapot. You can add green tea to your rice dish after finishing it, to clean up few remaining grains.




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