Tea year revision is something I was really looking forward to. I am happy to see how Tea Chronicles are moving forward, what teas I have reviewed, how many wonderful people I have met and how many wonderful collaborations have I achieved. Well, this blog post is not here for me to brag about good tea year, but to wish you all happiness in 2017.

Dear all, I wish you all the best with lots of great high quality teas in next year. Moreover, I wish you happiness, health, and dear people next to you. I wish you always brew your tea carefully, for yourself and for others, and that you always get some nice sample with a purchase. Those who are still not sure if they like teas or not, I wish they find the right one this year. I wish you less sugar in tea (if you still didn’t give up on this bad habit), sometimes a splash of lemon and a bit of honey, and a lot of natural flavors.

Tea Year Revision

We end this year with 114 new articles and reviews and almost starting the sixth year of Tea Chronicles. I am always very happy to receive your comments, feedback, inquiries… I hope we will continue our journey next year as well. Last few months I have been extremely busy and really slow with posting new articles, but because of one special tea reason – I will reveal more soon.

My dear tea vendors surprised me again, at the end of this year, with wonderful green, oolong and black teas from Sri Lanka (Teakruthi). You will read about them soon.

Tea Year Revision Teakruthi

As I think most of you will rather drink something stronger than tea tomorrow, I want to give you a small tip – you can soak tea bags of your favorite tea in vodka overnight to get the new tea flavored drink. However, I do recommend drinking pure non-alcoholic tea, served in some nice cup in a good company.

Thank you all on good company, support and collaborations.





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