Edelweiss tea – Glattfelder

Edelweiss tea from Glattfelder (Switzerland) is a really interesting herbal infusion with 2% of edelweiss. Edelweiss is a protected plant throughout the Europe and edelweiss tea is not so common.

Edelweiss - GlattfelderName: Edelweiss
Seller: Glattfelder St. Moritz (Switzerland)
Type: herbal tea
Ingredients: pepper, apple, peppermint, lemon balm, edelweiss(2%), cornflower, mallow
Verdict: 5/5
Price: 11 CHF
Box: 15 bags x 1.5 gram
Highlights: beautiful and intense fresh smell fills the air immediately upon opening the box, silk tea bags, intense green color in the beginning, well-balanced taste, peppermint dominates, both refreshing and calming, without that bitter heavy taste that oversteeped peppermint teas can have, a touch of pepper at the end and hints of fresh apple

Thanks to my dear Tomislav for this tea.





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