Daoli Slovenian Tea Vendor

Daoli Slovenian tea vendor offers excellent Chinese teas with all necessary information. Their other web Teaspotting offers teas directly from Chinese Kunming.

Daoli Slovenian tea vendor was a huge discovery for me. Not only they are close to us (Croatia), but they also offer great teas under reasonable prices. Daoli has an almost standard selection of Chinese teas in offer, with some exceptional ones which are almost impossible to find anywhere else. They pay a lot of attention to pu’er selection.

Daoli is proud with the fact they are sourcing teas directly from China. This fact is what attracted me to their web shop. In addition, they are extremely kind, prices are fair and shipping was free (to Croatia). They are very professional and fast and their teas are well stored which is evident by the aroma and taste. This kind of devotion and love is quite rare among Eastern Europe’s tea shop owners.

Teaspotting offers about 60 teas directly from Kunming. Shipping is more expensive than buying from Daoli web shop, but the choice is much wider.  Green teas are currently on sale – as any good tea shop Daoli Slovenian Tea Vendorthey pay attention to always have fresh harvest and fairly put last season’s harvest on sale. Last harvest doesn’t mean the tea is bad, they surely can offer a lot of taste and aroma if stored well. Since Daoli web shop is currently under reconstruction, web shops is not fully functional, but Teaspotting compensates for this. They provide absolutely all necessary information, from location, full name, harvesting year, recommended brewing, customer reviews,and personal opinion about every single tea.

Owners enthusiasm impresses me, as well as quantity of information, blog, and their attempts to promote quality Chinese teas in Slovenia and Europe.

Only one small objection is package of samples, but one is expected to use samples soon anyway. Full-size packaging is good enough for storing teas for longer periods.


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