Indijski zeleni čaj s kamilicom

Chamomile Green Sunshine Indian green tea is a very interesting scented blend from Indian tea vendor Assamica Agro. So well-known western chamomile and eastern green tea make this blend perfect for afternoon relaxation.

Name: Chamomile Green Sunshine
Tea Vendor: Assamica Agro
Type: scented Indian green tea

Indijski zeleni čaj s kamilicom

When winter is just around the corner and flu season is about to start, chamomile might be the most sought for tea in western countries. This tea blend immediately attracted my attention. Common and uncommon at the same time, I praise the idea of scenting green tea with dried chamomile flowers. You have to admit, many of you might never even thought that it would be possible to blend green tea with chamomile and get good results. Well, this tea is a prove that traditions from both parts of the world go very well together. Price is 2.19 USD for 50 grams.

Chamomile Green Sunshine Indian green tea

Chamomile Green Sunshine Indian green tea – description

Indijski zeleni čaj s kamilicomIndian green tea might not be as popular as Japanese or Chinese, but it gets more and more attention from tea lovers. Assamica Agro offers around dozen of different organic teas with more than affordable prices. I found this combination to be really interesting, and I have to say that I was really looking forward to trying it. Chamomile is the tea of my childhood, I still remember how we used to pluck the flowers and dry them to make home-made tea. Blended with green tea, it creates a true mix of West and East. This tea consists of 2/3 of dried chamomile flowers and 1/3 of green tea. Visually very interesting blend with dominant scent of chamomile.


5 grams of tea, 90, 120, 180 and 300 second steeping, water temperature of around 75 degrees Celsius. As I mentioned, this tea is primarly consisted of chamomile. In preheated teapot it has a very nice scent of chamomile with the scent of deep strong green tea in the background. Nevertheless, it is important to watch your steeping time as the bitterness of green tea could break through and ruin the overall flavor. Indian green tea is much more complicated to brew than most of the teas we are useIndijski zeleni čaj s kamilicomd to, and it does offer a characteristic dose of astringency which might not be liked by all tea lovers. While Japanese green teas have a lot of green grassy freshness and most of Chinese teas have a light fired flavor, Indian teas do share the characteristics of Indian black tea – they are strong, powerful and can get bitter.

Chamomile predominates both in scent and in flavor. In second steeping there is a bit of astringency, but not at all a bad one. I really do like the color of Assamica Agro’s green tea leaf when they are wet and used-up. It beautiful, fresh and faint green. Chamomile Green Sunshine Indian green tea is a very good choice for those who find Chinese teas too light and Japanese teas too grassy, and would like to enjoy a cup of stronger green tea.

Indijski zeleni čaj s kamilicom

This tea is perfect for all chamomile lovers who would like to enjoy the benefits of green tea while drinking common herbal tea. Green tea is more of a carrier in this blend. It is not dominant and it blends very well into the overall flavor.

Indijski zeleni čaj s kamilicom





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