Cacao Tea iz Gvatemale

Cacao Tea from Guatemala is a great tea, cacao husk infusion without any additives or sugars, and with exceptional choco scent and taste. It’s ideal for all chocolate lovers that would like to indulge without the feeling of guilt.

Name: Cacao Tea
Vendor: ChocoMuseo (Guatemala)
Type: infusion

First, I have to thank my dear friend Željka for giving me this tea souvenir from her Guatemala trip. I cannot even describe how happy these tea souvenirs make me. Thanks to my friends I am having a wonderful tea trip around the word.

Cacao Tea iz Gvatemale

Maybe you’ve noticed that July 7th is marked as Chocolate day. On that day, in year 1550, cacao was first brought to Europe. We owe so many thanks, could you even imagine life without a chocolate? I do believe one can live without durian fruit, but without chocolate? What I absolutely like about this tea is its beautiful intense scent and great taste, without the most critical thing ever – calories.

Cacao Tea iz Gvatemale

Cacao Tea from Guatemala – description

The scent is really divine, pure chocolate (without sugar, of course). Preparation is super easy, it enough to put two teaspoons of husks into boiled water or milk. However, I believe that the 200ml cup of hot frothy milk would require at least four teaspoons to fulfill its mission – to fully satisfy your chocolaty needs and make you happy. Sugar or other sweeteners are not really needed. Taste is a bit weaker than the scent, but still very much delightful. I bet you will never forget the scent of this tea if you ever get the chance to try it. I can’t help but to imagine cold snowy winter evenings with a cup of this tea in hand – with a hint of cinnamon and cardamom.

Cacao Tea iz Gvatemale

A lot of articles imply the health benefits of eating chocolate. Of course, chocolate should be dark, not milk, with high percentage of cacao. Keep in mind that even a dark chocolate still has a lot of sugar added. So, is there anything better than the pure cacao product? I will stop here and continue to savor my cup of pure serotonin from Guatemala.



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  1. Regina 2 years ago

    I am glad I found the real Chocolate tea from Guatemala I bought soms Werks ago in Antigua.
    However I still wonder what are the ingredients of this wonderful tea. What is the basic? What is its basic? Or is it pure dried chocolate?

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