Jadranski čaj

Probably most of you didn’t know, but Croatia has its own unique tea blend as well. It is created from all those herbs that truly represent Croatia. Adriatic tea herbal blend from Aromatica is a blend of hibiscus, winter savory, sage and rosemary.

Name: Adriatic tea
Tea producer: Bioaromatica d.o.o.
Type: herbal tea

Ingredients: hibiscus flower, winter savory, sage, rosemary

Adriatic tea herbal blendThis is one of my favorite Croatian herbal blends. It has a wonderful flavor and I really praise the idea of creating a unique Croatian tea blend from Adriatic sea. Aromatica d.o.o. succeeded in their intentions and created visually beautiful and perfectly balanced blend. Price is 21.60 HRK for 50 grams of tea (around 3 USD).
Before I go into details, once again I remind you that herbal teas are not my field of interest, but every now and then I like to test and review herbal teas as well.

Adriatic tea herbal blend – description

Jadranski čajAdriatic tea consists of big dried hibiscus flowers, chopped dried rosemary leaf, sage and winter savory. Color combination is really beautiful, purple and green. Before usage be sure to shake the bag and mix the leaves, as the tinier parts stay at the bottom so you might only get hibiscus into your cup. Adriatic tea herbal blend is full of flavors and scents which is perfect. Sage is not very popular due to its bitter taste, rosemary is seldom used as tea and winter savory is not so widespread even though it deserves more attention. It’s interesting how all of these herbs are used for similar health problems which include digestive problems, help with relaxation, etc. Hibiscus serves as an excellent base and give great taste to the whole blend.

Jadranski čaj


Jadranski čajEven though Aromatica recommends using two teaspoons for 1 litre of boiling water, steeped for 20 minutes, I am more prone to using less water. Their recommendation has its own reasons (herbal tea brewing), but I do prefer to get the taste out, rather than benefits. In both cases the liquor will be amazing and intense. Hibiscus overwhelmingly dominates the whole blend and give a sour flavor, while the all other herbs can be felt from the depth of a brew, slowly emerging to the surface. Herbal flavors are not too weak nor too strong. Rosemary give the strongest flavor. Color is really beautiful, thick, deep and dark. This tea can be stored on a shelf for a long time. One more advantage is that it’s great as iced-tea as well. I can really imagine drinking it in any possible way for any possible occasion..

Jadranski čaj

This herbal tea is a great choice for those who would like to explore the beneficial sides of Adriatic herbs, but are not so fond of intense herbal flavors. It’s worth saying that hibiscus is covering them up very well, so your taste buds will not suffer at all. Rosemary as a tea has a great flavor, but some of you might find it repulsive due to high intensity. And last, sage can be extremely bitter, but in this tea this cannot be felt at all. This is a really good blend.

Many thanks to Ines on this tea.

Remark: Background photograph designed by Kstudio – Freepik.com





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